On The Blog // 10 Bits of Randomness

On The Blog // 10 Bits of Randomness

Anonymous said: When you work out on campus, do you work out by yourself or with a group of friends? Also, what type of workouts do you do (cardio, weightlifting, etc)?

In the past, I’ve usually just ran on the Mall, but I think I’m going to try to go to the gym like I did back at home.  This has been my previous routine:

-Run 2 miles

-Jog/power walk for 20 minutes

-45 crunches

-An assortment of leg/arm exercises

-Bike for 15 minuets or use the rowing machine…

Granted this changes depending on how much time I have/energy, but usually this is what I end up doing…


Anonymous said: Do you have any advice or just things to say to college students who feel like no one cares for them, they are not going to go anywhere with their major, they aren't taking the smartest classes and therefore making themselves feel like crap, they are nobody in the student body, etc? I see a lot of let-down students all over my campus and its really sad.

This is really disappointing, anon.  I think everyone goes through those “I have nothing to offer” times because being lost is a scary place to be.  

My best advice is to keep in mind that it’s perfectly ok to not have everything figured out.  So you aren’t in the honor’s college.  Who cares?  For me, I’ve realized that it’s far more beneficial to focus on the things I’m good at/can control instead of the things that just don’t really matter.  I’m not saying you should just ignore everything you’re bad at, but rather to not exert all of your time and energy on something that may not be “fixable.”

In short, college is a time to plan for your future and learn what makes you tick.  Someone may say that they “know” what they want to do (and that’s awesome), but plans rarely go unchanged.  Remember, everyone has something to give even if they don’t know what that thing is…yet.


Anonymous said: How much, on average, do you think you spend on clothes a month? Is all of your wardrobe high-end, or do you have cheaper basics, too?

Not sure to be honest.  My buying habits really depend on what I need.  In previous years, I use to spend a good amount of money on things I didn’t really need (impulse buys).  Now, I only buy if I have a reason or if there’s something that I come across that I really want to own.

As for cheaper basics?  Definitely.  Big fan of buying from J.Crew Factory as their prices are extremely affordable…especially when there is an online sale.


Anonymous said: How do you take notes on your laptop?

I try to write down everything that is on the screen, but I usually focus on what the professor is lecturing about since most power points can be downloaded online after the lecture is over.

Everyone has their own style to taking notes as no “way” is “right.”  If I were you, I would try out a few techniques until you find the one that seems to work the best for your needs.


Anonymous said: You're the best.

Thank you, anon.  This brightened my day.

Anonymous said: 32 oz iced coffee? That's my dream!

It was heavenly…minus the 3:00PM crash I experienced while in my last lecture of the day.


@preplaw knows how to make a mean dinner…👌 (at Washington, District of Columbia)

@preplaw knows how to make a mean dinner…👌 (at Washington, District of Columbia)

Anonymous said: Do scratches on your technology bother you?

They do, but it’s the price I pay when I refuse to put a case on them.


Anonymous said: What kind of case do you have on your iphone? Can you recommend me a few for my 5s

My iPhone goes commando…

Anonymous said: Have you ever dropped a class in college? I just did and I feel embarrassed because it was too hard. 😣

Yep!  I dropped a Comparative to American Politics class my Freshman year because I absolutely couldn’t stand it.  You definitely shouldn’t feel embarrassed as staying in a class that you know you aren’t going to enjoy doesn’t make much sense.  

I don’t think you should drop a class every-time it get’s hard, but bowing out within the first few weeks of the semester is totally fine.  


Anonymous said: So are all your friends "preppy"? If not, do you have "ghetto" friends or skater or punk? Haha just curious because you seem like the type to be in a circle.

My friends definitely aren’t all “preppy,” but I don’t think any are “ghetto” either?  When it comes to exterior appearances, I really don’t care what someone wears as long as they are put together.  To me, a person’s character is far more telling than the labels hanging in their closet…


Anonymous said: To what extent do you consider the following brands to be preppy? Converse, Hollister, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Jack Wills.

I mean preppy is a pretty ambiguous term that I really don’t like to even use these days.  For the sake of answering your question, I would say Ralph Lauren is “preppy.”


Anonymous said: I want to start taking notes in class on my laptop. How do you organize them when typing? Like what's your layout/format when taking notes? I hope this makes sense! Thanks!

What I’m doing this year is creating separate documents for each lecture I attend.  For example, for taking notes in my marketing class I save my document as as:

MKT - Chapter 1 - Lecture 1

I tried keeping all my notes in one document, but it got confusing trying to look things back up.  We’ll how well this method works out, but I have a feeling it’s going to be significantly easier.


Anonymous said: Do you think that being black and too preppy is wrong because my friends make fun of me

Of course not.  Color, race, ethnicity, or any other exterior characteristic has no influence on whether or not it’s “OK” to dress in a “preppy” fashion.  

In my mind, race is about as important as counting sand on a beach…